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I have had to take a step back from my soap business over the last few years and I am excited to say I am now able to focus on my business full-time again! Here is a personal and business update:

Since 2018 we have been crazy busy running the bait shop and at the end of the season last year, my husband’s special needs adult son came back to live at home which required 110% attention from both of us over the last several months. After a few court hearings we were able to get the in-home help and resources we need and are now able to oversee that he is placed in the most appropriate facility (since he needs a team of people to take care of him.)

All three of my daughters are doing exceptionally well and I gained two son-in-laws over the last few years which has been such a blessing to our family! Also, I finally had a much-needed surgery in February that took almost two years to schedule and am happy to report went extremely well and recovery is going well.

We have put the bait-shop property up for sale so we can retire from that which allows me to finally focus my efforts full-time on my soap business once again and I am looking forward to the upcoming Farmers Market season! ~Kim Marie


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